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China Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd certification
China Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd certification
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We’ve bought 300000usd machines from GENIUS this year. Their professional technical support and solutions really help me a lot.

—— Mr. Joe

Sure we will buy more in the near future. They offered the perfect automatic solution for my product and increase our efficiency dramatically.

—— Mr. Chris

GENIUS is a very reliable supplier. They offered more than just the machine but also very good aftersales service. Quick and professional respons.

—— Ms. Wang

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Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line

  • Production Line


    At present, our company occupies an area of 32,000 square meters, with a plant area of 25,000 square meters.

    It has 72 senior technicians, 42 technicians directly researching and developing, and total assets of 100 million CNY.


    Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line 0



    Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line 0


    Leading technology


    1. High stiffness configuration technology

    The robot body with a rated load of six kilograms uses four RV reducers (50C, 40E, 20E, 10C) and two harmonic reducers (SHG20, SHG25), and all six reducers are designed with high rigidity and custom design.


    2. Low noise technology

    Using the world's leading input shaft refining technology, the noise of the reducer is lower than that of the imported products, thus obtaining the mute effect of the whole machine.


    3. Reducer and motor integration technology

    RV reducer and servo motor share the same axis, reduce assembly error, improve joint accuracy and extend working life.


    4. Welding system embedded technology

    The robotic welding hardware system (wire spool, wire feeder, anti - collision, welding torch, cable) and the robot body cleverly integrate the in-line design to obtain the welding effect that is unimaginable for ordinary robots.


    5. Metal color technology

    The first "naked" robot with cast aluminum parts, no paint, and anti - oxidation all year round, is innovative in green manufacturing.


    6. Drive and control integrated technology

    Greatly reduce the volume of control cabinet, any part of the robot can “sense the external force” and stop when touched, effectively improving the safety of the robot.

    7. Perfect welding technology

    Provide technical support for various complex welding processes with long-term accumulated welding experience. For example, a thin plate of stainless steel or aluminum plate with a thickness of less than 1.5 mm is welded.



  • R&D

    Shanghai Genius Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line 0


    1. Harmonic Reducer


    The fifth and sixth axes use harmonic reducers to reject various types of bevel gears, arc gears and spring backlash gears to ensure low noise, high rigidity and high precision.


    2. Anti - collision Device


    Pure mechanical structure, repeat positioning accuracy of up to 0.05mm, far higher than the import level. Recalibration is not required after a minor collision and can be resumed immediately.


    3. Integrated Welding Torch


    Integrated embedded structure, compact and beautiful, reducing cable distortion, preventing fatigue breakage, reducing wire passage and resistance, and smoother wire feeding.


    4. Wire Spool

    The special welding wire disc with damping design is installed on the second joint of the robot, which greatly reduces the wire feeding path and resistance and ensures high - precision welding.


    5. Drive and Controller

    Ultra - small size, realize the world's leading integrated control technology, super performance, and achieve various precision indicators beyond the import level.


    6. Wire Feeder


    As the world's leading wire feeder manufacturer, we offer the best wire feeder products for our arc welding robots.

    7. Servo Motor


    High precision absolute encoder, excellent performance, stable and reliable.

    8. Cast Aluminum


    Low - pressure steel die casting, high surface roughness, anti-oxidation all year round, refused to paint or spray paint.


    9. RV gear reducer


    As the largest manufacturer of RV reducers in China, it broke the import monopoly and forced the price of imported RV reducers to drop by 50%. We put the proud reducer products into our welding robots to achieve better robot track accuracy.


    10. Iron Casting


    Casting with low pressure steel die, the metal structure is dense, and higher body stiffness is obtained.


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